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About Trove Crystal

How We Got Here

Decades ago, our father retired from his crystal business, and then we finally unearth these collections of rare gems and precious stones from his personal treasure trove that was hidden away from the world.

Today, we are putting these 'not for sale' items to be on the shelves. Every piece has no identical twin in the world, and we believe spreading this uniqueness to the world is the most wonderful thing we could ever do.

Our collections of crystals are all sourced from the miners all over the world, they were extracted from deep inside the mountain, riverbank, and most remote terrains. Those internal cracks from the crystals are one of the best proof. As these kinds of cracks can only be formed under the pressure of few hundreds or even up to thousands meters below the earth and took many years up to centuries or even thousands of years to be developed. All these are not possible to be done by man made crystals from the crystal farm.

We have only very limited stock because we are not crystal dealers. However, we will try our best to fulfil the piece that you are looking for.

Image by Krystal Ng
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